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h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh

Am Sportplatz 8

DE 83365 Nussdorf-Traunstein


phone +49 / 86 69 / 86 42 0

fax +49 / 86 69 / 86 42 49


President: Franz Harrer


Responsible for the content 

according to § 6 MDStV: Franz Harrer


Legal domicile: Traunstein

Commercial register: HRB No. 7563 Traunstein

VAT-ID-no. DE131557846


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Warranty: If an h/p/cosmos product does not operate properly, h/p/cosmos will repair or replace it at no charge, for up to one year from shipment date. Furthermore registration and a documented maintenance record (for example through maintenance contract or through authorised technicians) will extend the warranty for treadmill parts only to 3 years and 20 years on treadmill drive motor and main treadmill frame breakage. In the course of replacement or repair, h/p/cosmos may send you written recommendations of how to prevent re-occurrence of a problem. h/p/cosmos reserves the right to withdraw the warranty if the recommendations are not followed. The customer is responsible for transport charges both to and from h/p/cosmos in all cases, local service may be available for which labour may be
charged. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral or implied, including the warranty of fitness for any particular purpose. h/p/cosmos‘ liability is, in all cases, limited to the replacement price of its product. h/p/cosmos shall not be liable for any other damages, whether indirect, consequential or incidental arising from the sale or use of its product. h/p/cosmos may modify this warranty by signing a specific written description of any modifications. A maintenance contract including annual preventive maintenance and regular safety inspection is highly recommended for all h/p/cosmos running machines and devices.

Safety: Please make sure that you read the user manual before operating any item of h/p/cosmos equipment, it contains both operating instruction and service requirements. Clinical staff should instruct their patients, and fitness staff or other professional staff should instruct their members and users in the use, safety and warnings of the equipment before use. Make sure that you have read and understood the safety requirements before using the equipment. For running surfaces with L:200 x W:75cm or bigger, special applications, at higher speeds, for subjects with higher risk of falling or where a fall would lead to unacceptable risks (e.g. invasive probes during exercise or recent hip replacement, etc.), or if there is not enough safety space behind the treadmill, a fall prevention system (e.g. safety arch with
harness & chest belt) is obligatory. Keep min. L: 2 m (78.74“) x W: 1 m (39.37“) safety space behind treadmills!

Liability: Failure to comply with the conditions listed above and below and in the operation and service manual of the respective devices, failure of performing recommended maintenance and safety inspection intervals, unauthorized maintenance or amendments of the design and/or performance and/or specifications and/or labelling of the devices shall absolve h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh from any responsibility for the safety, reliability and performance of this equipment. Each operator must read and understand the user manual before using the equipment for the first time. Each user must be instructed in the proper use of the equipment and its accessories. The electrical and mechanical installation of the equipment must comply with the local or national requirements and all installation guides
from all respective manuals delivered with the equipment. The equipment must be used in accordance with the instructions for use and operation manual. Operators of h/p/cosmos equipment and accessories are to be trained and certified by h/p/cosmos or their appointed agents before use of the equipment. Please contact h/p/cosmos for further details. All h/p/cosmos running machines are manufactured by h/p/cosmos in Nussdorf-Traunstein/Germany. Accessories and/or options may be imported goods.

Abbreviations: lt = without terminal (no display and no keyboard), r = for bicycle and wheelchair use, rs = for bicycle and wheelchair + ski & spikes use.
UMDNS-Code: 14-141 running machines / customs tariff no. sports running machines: 9506 9110 / customs tariff no. medical running machines: 9018 1910 * Use dedicated power supply with dedicated fuse for each running machine (treadmill). 230 volts 16 A types may also be operated at 220 or 240 volts 15 A. Special voltages available. We recommend a dedicated line 3 phase 400 volt connection and 3-phase treadmill for high speed, fast acceleration and for heavier subjects due to higher performance.

EU, MDD & Regulatory Affairs information: Devices of the sports category must not be used for medical applications. When linking medical treadmills with other devices (ECG, PC, etc.) then only potential isolated interfaces with 4 kV insulation test voltage are allowed. Accessory equipment connected to the analogue and digital interfaces must be certified according to the respective IEC standards, e.g. IEC 60950-1 for information technology equipment and IEC 60601-1-1 for medical equipment. Furthermore all configurations shall comply with the valid version of the system standard IEC 60601-1-1 and EN 62304. Everybody who connects additional equipment to the signal input port or signal output port or via any other linkage possibility, configures a medical system and is therefore responsible that the
system complies with the requirements of the valid version of the system standard IEC 60601-1-1, IEC 60601-1, MDD, directive 93/43/EEC and performs risk analysis and risk management based on ISO 14971. All equipment within a medical system and with metal housing must be linked with potential equalisation cables in star form and then connected to the potential equalisation bar of the medical used room. All standards listed in this brochure refer to validity date (year/month) as it was standard at the time/date when this brochure/document was printed. In case of a transitional period in which 2 standard editions were valid please ask h/p/cosmos or refer to the details as stipulated on the CE declaration of conformity or original test reports of the product for the precisely validity/issue date of the standard.

DISCLAIMER: All system configurations in this website and linked documents and brochures are non binding and may not necessarily meet all demands of the user‘s and/or patient’s and/or subject‘s application and needs. h/p/cosmos is not liable for any mismatch and/or deviation. For a more precisely system configuration recommendation please send precisely demands to h/p/cosmos in writing. All technical specifications, descriptions, equipment options and images of devices, options and accessories are not binding, and do not represent any guarantee of features and may differ from the product and delivery. All pictures and configurations
shown in this brochure are not binding and may deviate from standard version of the delivered equipment and/or may be available only at extra charge and/or may have been replaced by modified version and/or supply may have been stopped meanwhile. All h/p/cosmos product names and model names on this website and in the linked brochures are registered trademarks of Franz Harrer and/or h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh. All rights reserved. For software and all other intellectual property rights disclaimers as written in the respective manuals apply. All rights reserved for intellectual property, design, technology, software, pictures, videos and other media. Isubject to changes and amendments. E&OE; h/p/cosmos is certified in line with ISO 9001 and EN 13485 for medical treadmills. All technical specifications, descriptions, equipment options and images of devices, options and accessories are not binding and do not represent any guarantee of features and/or performance and may differ from the product and delivery.

DELIVERY: The delivery (manufacturing) time for h/p/cosmos running machines up to deck size 190/65cm is 2 to 3 weeks in general, except for custom made machines, oversize machines, special colours and for environmental climate chamber design machines. Other models and devices on request. Shipment time 2 to 7 days in Europe and 3 to 8 weeks via sea freight for overseas. Shipment time 2 to 7 days approx. for air freight.

PRICES: All prices net, EXW (ex works) h/p/cosmos factory Germany, in EURO. Valid according to current price list 01.04.2012 - 31.12.2013 only for Germany. Prices in other countries can vary significantly. Transport, packing, VAT, import taxes, custom duties, L/C and bank fees, installation and instruction are not included. Possession of any price list or brochure does not constitute an offer to sell; it is for information only. Property and ownership of goods shall remain with the seller and shall not pass to the buyer until full payment of the price has been received. Full terms of trading available on request.
E & OE, errors & omissions exceptet. Subject to alteration without prior notice.
General terms and conditions of business are available at: or in printed form on request.

Hint: Recordings (pictures, videos, sound recordings, etc.) of events and/or exhibitions and their participants and/or visitors may be published on the h/p/cosmos website ( and/or in social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other printed or electronic media. With the participation on events and/or visits of exhibitions and/or conferences the participants/visitors declare to confirm to agree to the aforesaid.

Copyright 1988 - 2014, h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh / Germany · All trademarks, images, signs and graphs on this website and in linked documents and catalogues are protected intellectual property. Reprint - also in extracts - is subject to authorisation in writing. Subject to literal errors, misprint and technical amendments! Source of pictures: h/p/cosmos, photographer Aichhorn / KUSE pictures with Lamar Lowery (Functional Training): photographer Chris Kettnerer, Running School by Mike Antoniades, Frank Eppelmann / Globalspeed GmbH and others.